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Appeal Amazon


We Specialize In Tough Case

Amazon Seller Suspensions & Appeals!

Appeal Amazon Suspension is unlike any other service as we provide an effective, multi-step, PERSONALIZED plan to analyze and provide remedies for Amazon Sellers to help them understand the root cause behind why Amazon Suspended their Seller Account and then create a Successful Plan Of Action to Reinstate their Amazon Selling Privileges.

Our Services

Experts in Amazon Policy...
Get Reinstated The Right Way!

Our Services
Appeal Service

Our service is to design your appeal letter so that Amazon realizes you acknowledge the problem and are offering remedies to correct it. 

Intellectual Property Suspensions

Solutions for reinstating Trademark, Copyright, Patent, and Counterfeit Infringements on Amazon.

ASIN Reinstatement

We will appeal your Performance Notifications and prevent these issues from escalating into a full blown Amazon Suspension.

Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our services and the TRUTH about Amazon Suspensions & the Amazon Appeal Process.

Amazon Suspensions

Discover the steps needed to reinstate your Amazon Seller Account and comply with all of Amazon's Policies, Rules, and Condition Guidelines. 

Choose Us?

We will always be completely honest with you about your Amazon Suspension and reinstatement expectations.


“When my Seller account was suspended, I was worried that I would be spending a lot of money for something that would not really help. I would seriously recommend anyone who has gotten an email from Amazon saying they were suspended to look into Appeal Amazon Suspension. This company got me out of a very scary spot. I had thousands of dollars locked up and with their help the money was released and my business is thriving again.”

Steven Gullio
CEO of Camden Associates


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